The Carnegie Center for the Arts is proud to announce three amazing exhibits showing July 21-Sept. 3.

The exhibit, Personal Landscapes, features 25 artists in a mixed media themed exhibit, curated by Maryellen Hains, where the artists explored their notion of how “landscape” works in their creative process. As Maryellen states, “it is a complex, thoughtful and insightful show.”

View Personal Landscapes Portfolio

Field of Vision is an exhibit of Plein Air Paintings from artist Richard Jordan. As Richard quotes, ” soaking in the surrounding landscape is as important to me as the painting itself. The sights, sounds and smells all play a role in my energy and mood right up to the final stroke of color.”

Vivid is an exhibit by artist Pete LaRouech using his medium of recycled latex paint. As Pete quotes, ” I enjoy experimenting with different color combinations that give my paintings vivid texture and movement.”

These must-see exhibits will show until Sept. 3.

**Please read “CCA opening” post for hours, etc.”