The Carnegie Center for the Arts is elated to bring you three fabulous exhibits showing until Sept. 10, 2021.

“Covid Reunion”– a mixed media exhibit which combines all of the artists who exhibited at the CCA, summer of 2020. Their works were made during the pandemic, a unique time in our collective lives. As you move from image to image, you might find an echo of your own journey through the past year. This wonderful group exhibit was curated by Maryellen Hains.

“Time to Finish-a fiber exhibit by artist, Elaine M. Seaman. Unfinished projects created out of TIME; that elusive, pined-for, exasperating need which showed up during the covid year… because I wasn’t leaving my house to go on trips or even to go shopping. Many started in the 1990’s or early 2000’s are now beautifully finished.

“Like Mother, Like Daughter”-a mixed media exhibit by artists Anne E. Shaver and Amy E. Lohrmann. Arranged in pairs which explore some of the ways their art is similar and different. This amazing exhibit is a journey as we see how two artists, a mother and a daughter travel unique art paths together. Can you tell which artist did which artwork?

These must-see exhibits show until September 10, 2021.