To Mark, thank you for being our 2022 juror.
You were wonderful and we were delighted to have you here!


Whenever I am asked to judge a show, I am always happy to do so. Though, I also understand the burden and fully accept the responsibility that goes with it. As an artist myself, I know how hard the artists have worked on their craft as well as on the individual pieces submitted. My aim is to make the best show possible out of the submitted works which always means difficult decisions will need to be made. Sure enough, the work submitted for the Carnegie Center 2022 Regional Exhibition made the decision-making extra challenging.

I begin with these principles of art: Statement, Composition & Design, Drawing, Value, Color, Shape & Line, Edgework, Paint Manipulation. These are the fundamentals that all good art is built upon. Though adhering to these fundamental principles of art alone sometimes isn’t enough. I have seen many artists break the so-called “rules” and still create amazing works of art. I have seen technically gifted artists who have little soul in their work, and artists who have lots of soul, but very little technical prowess. For me, it’s when both technical skill and personal feeling are put together that the best art is made. One without the other can leave us wanting more and not understanding why.

The challenge for me as a judge is recognizing my biases and doing my best to remove them and be impartial to the art itself. There are pieces in here that do not suit my tastes, but deserve to be in the show. And there are pieces that I liked and touched me, but chose to leave out. That is part of being a judge. In the end, I believe the show reflects all of us: the Carnegie Center for the Arts, the art and artists that were accepted, and even my own personal tastes and choices. And that’s what makes each exhibit unique.

I want to thank Donna Grubbs and the Carnegie Center for the Arts for inviting me to judge. It was my honor to select the award winners for this exhibition. I want to thank everyone who had the courage to submit their works. Congratulations to those who were accepted into the show. Special congratulations go to the award winners as these were truly exceptional works. And I want to encourage everyone who creates art to try again next year, whether you got in this year or not. Keep trying. Keep painting. Keep sculpting. Keep creating. Do your thing, whether you find it to be accepted quickly or not. Keep striving to hone your craft, to fi8nd your voice, and to find ways to share that with others.

Mark A. Vander Vinne, Juror


Melody Allen
Mary Baggerman
William T. Becker
Jerry Bowman
Idris Busari
Mark Cassino
Bill Christiansen
Craig Michael Clay
Nanette Conrod
Ryan Conrod
Bruce Dannenhauer
Roy G. Deal
Sheila Genteman
Sara Strong Glupker
Ali Hansen
Paralee Harris
Martha S. Hart
Christine Hartzell
Jeff Heaton
Theresa Heaton
Sniedze Janson-Rungis
Judith A. Johnson
Sandy J. Jones
Richard Jordan
Linda Kekic
Elizabeth Kerlikowske
Helen Kleczynski
Tracy Klinesteker
Donna Kowalewski
Cynthia L. Krill
Jerry Kroehn
Michael E. Kucinich
Conne Kuilema
Joel Lara
Pete LaRouech
David Dodd Lee
Bobbe A. Luce
Sunday Mahaja
Eileen Mazurski
Dave Middleton
Kathleen Mills Wheat
Christy Misner
Katie J. Morris
Ray Novess
Illene Oetman
Michael Pendola
Jeff Robertson
Liz Rohs
Xenia Rose Schafer
Martha Rosenfeld
Jeanette L. Rybinsky
Ruth Scott
Bart Seelye
Kay Severson
Rebecca Shank
Susan Shields
Suzanne B. Siegel
Bill Soleski
Pennie Spence
Kari Stieglitz Black
Barbara Struber
Rosaleen “Roz” Sullivan
Matthew Trimnell
Joe VanDerBos
Jacob R. Vanderheyden
Kelly VanderKley
Frances Ballay Wagner
William Welty
Mary Whalen
Erwin Wolff


Thank you for this beautiful exhibit – only possible because of you!
It’s truly a joy to be surrounded by your amazing artwork!


Bobbe, Bruce, Denny, Matthew, Tad and Tatum for all of your talents with this exhibit – you are ALL simply the best!


Best of Show 2D Jerry Bowman “Three Roses” Watercolor
Best of Show 3D Bobbe A. Luce “Transitions” Kiln-Formed Glass
First Place Sara Strong Glupker “Poppies and Linen” Acrylic
Second Place Jerry Kroehn “Closed Form” Spalted Maple
Third Place Melody Allen “New Philadelphia Fields” Pastel
Juror Award Ray Novess “First Ice” Photography

People’s Choice – Please watch our website for the announcement!