Regional Juried Arts Competition

January 22 – February 22, 2023

Opening Reception:
January 22, from 1-3 pm

Awards Presentation at 2pm

Exhibiting Artists

  • Lorrie Grainger
  • Abdo
  • Harry Ahn
  • Melody Allen
  • Eugenia Apawu
  • Hannah Apps
  • Mary Baggerman
  • Tristen Bailey
  • William T. Becker
  • Leonard F. Bosma
  • Jerry Bowman
  • Joyce L. Brown
  • Beverly Comins
  • Steve Cowing
  • Nancy Crampton
  • Deborah A. Curtis
  • Roy G. Deal
  • Sheila Genteman
  • Kim Glessner
  • Fred C. Grunert
  • Steven Gyllstrom
  • Maryellen Hains
  • Ali Hansen
  • Martha S. Hart
  • Jeff Heaton
  • Joy Hemmer
  • Dean E. Hill
  • Linda Hoeft
  • Ron Holder
  • Ed Huss
  • Linda Isakson
  • James Jackson, III
  • C. Lynn Johnson
  • Judith A. Johnson
  • David Jones
  • Sandy J. Jones
  • Evan Jordan
  • Richard Jordan
  • Salina Kalnins
  • Vee Kalnins
  • Lynne A. Kasey
  • Helen Kleczynski
  • Donna Kowalewski
  • Kay Krass
  • Cynthia L. Krill
  • Michael E. Kucinich
  • Connie Kuilema
  • Pete LaRouech
  • Carrie Lin
  • Ame E. Lohrmann
  • Bobbe A. Luce
  • Sunday Mahaja
  • James Martin
  • Eileen Mazurski
  • Anne Meyer
  • Dave Middleton
  • Kathleen (Wheat) Mills
  • Lydia Mino
  • Christi Misner
  • Evan Monroe
  • Katie Joy Morris
  • Kay Julien-Moss
  • Anne M. Napoli
  • Ray Novess
  • Illene Oetman
  • Michael Parr
  • Michael Pendola
  • Deb Potis
  • Sandra Pype
  • Maryalice Reck
  • Liz Rohs
  • Martha Rosenfeld
  • Sniedze Janson-Rungis
  • Jeanette L. Rybinsky
  • Kim Sawyer
  • Xenia Rose Schafer
  • Jane Schley
  • Elaine M. Seaman
  • Bart Seelye
  • Kay Severson
  • Rebecca Shank
  • Suzanne B. Siegel
  • Fred Slaski
  • Mike Slaski
  • Barbara Struber
  • Rosaleen “Roz” Sullivan
  • Patrick Thomas
  • Jacob R. Vanderheyden
  • Kelly Vander Kley
  • Frances Ballay Wagner
  • Gay Walker
  • William Welty
  • Melanie S. Wheeler
  • Anna Wickey
  • Erwin Wolff
  • Kevin Wolff
  • David B. Yeider

To the Artists

Thank you for this beautiful exhibit – only possible because of you! It’s truly a joy to be surrounded by your amazing artwork!

William, thank you for being our 2023 juror. You were wonderful and we were delighted to have you here!

Juror’s Statement

Art is a primary experience.
As an artist, one is fully engaged,
all senses working, in the making,
in the materials and in the process.
If you are a maker, you are immersed
in the primary human experience of art.
As a viewer, the primary experience
is being physically in contact with the art.
Standing in front of it, walking around it
or sitting on top of it, in real time, in real space.
Seeing, feeling, smelling, touching + thinking.
One to one.

As an advocate and member of the community
attending, supporting, promoting,
and celebrating the arts, all arts,
becomes the primary experience.

It takes all these ways of being and interacting
with the arts to preserve our artistic culture
and provide the opportunity for others
to capture the primary experience of art.

I am grateful for the chance to interact with the Carnegie Center for the Arts, the experienced and energized director, and the large regional community of artists. Congratulations to all of the artists included in the exhibition.

William Tourtillotte, Juror